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Helping you discover deals that simplify the shopping experience for your home—saving you money and time.

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How It Works

search (1)We search the internet—through both major retailers and boutique sites—and hand-pick the best package deals, bundles and sets for your home. Then we organize our research here, at The Package Club.

All you do is find a deal that you love, click over to the retailer and make your purchase. That’s it. 

Why Packages Deals?

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Package deals, bundles and sets simplify the shopping experience because they take away the hassle of having to find, and individually purchase, each item for your home; indeed, you’re getting more for less, in less time.

Our Philanthropic Mission: Hope Like Rena—Beating Cancer From Within*

*We pay 5% of commissions earned to the Cancer Research Institute.


Curing cancer is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity. With Hope Like Rena—Beating Cancer From Within, we’ve created an initiative aimed at not only contributing to the war on cancer, but also inspiring hope.  It is dedicated to the memory of Rena Dellis, and to the rest of us who’ve been impacted by this disease.

Rena’s life will forever be a shining example of the power that hope brings in the face of cancer. For more than a decade, she battled and beat stage 4 colon cancer and two bouts of CNS lymphoma of the brain. Yet, throughout each storm, she remained positive—maintaining hope through her faith despite insurmountable odds (in fact, she was given “only months to live” on several occasions). Although she survived 10 years after her initial diagnosis (and remained cancer free for the past five years), a sudden cardiac arrest took her life in 2016. The primary factor contributing to the cardiac arrest: pulmonary fibrosis due to years of chemotherapy.

Rena receiving the LI Business News Leadership in Law's Unsung Hero award in 2011.

Rena receiving the LI Business News Leadership in Law’s Unsung Hero award in 2011.

Simply put, the main ingredient to Rena’s success was having tremendous hope. Hope that she would get well—no matter what—despite the horrific odds. It is only right, therefore, to continue her legacy by focusing on the tremendous hope arising—from doctors and patients alike—out of one specific type of experimental treatment against cancer: immunotherapy.

Immunotherapies are treatments that harness the power of our own immune system to fight disease. Because of the promise shown in clinical trials, hundreds of trials involving immunotherapy are underway for nearly every type of cancer.

Leading the charge is the Cancer Research Institute (CRI), the “world’s leading nonprofit organization dedicated exclusively to harnessing the immune system’s power to conquer all cancers.” As such, the CRI “awards research grants and fellowships to support scientists at leading research universities and clinics around the world.” Learn more by visiting CRI.

Unfortunately, our current methods of treatments—chemotherapy, radiation and surgery—are not enough. 

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But we too can help find a cure. With The Package Club’s Hope Like Rena—Beating Cancer From Within initiative, if we receive a commission when you click thru a post and purchase something that you love, we will subsequently donate 5% of our commissions to the Cancer Research Institute.

Let’s beat cancer from within, together. Indeed, we can all make a difference.